The Belimo
Energy Valve

A two-way pressure independent control valve that optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance.

One solution, so many benefits!

  • Combat Low Delta T
  • Enhanced Energy Optimization
  • Improved Commissioning
  • Better System Maintenance
  • Green Certifications
  • More Effective Control
  • Smaller Equipment

Valve Innovations

MIT and Belimo Research on the Energy Valve; Confirms Improved Chilled Water Delta T Performance.

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Hardware Packaging

All inclusive: 2-way valve, actuator, coil optimization logic, embedded temperature sensor and remote temperature sensor with well, water flow meter, DDC communication

Coil Optimization Logic

  • Pressure Independent valve response
  • Delta T Manager
  • BTU, BTU/h power calculation

Energy Data

  • BTU, BTU/h, water flow, Coil ΔT
  • Power Curve & ΔT Curve data
  • Daily trend data storage (13 months)

DDC Integration

Analog, BACnet MS/TP, TCP/IP, MP


  • Laptop with standard IP browser interface via ethernet cable for parameterization
  • ZTH-2 US hand held parameterization tool

Features and Benefits

Energy Optimization

  • Improve coil ΔT by parameterize Delta T Manager mode to match the installed characteristic of the coil.
  • Save pump distribution energy by eliminating coil overflow
  • Improve plant performance by improving chiller or boiler efficiency
  • Reduce unwanted chiller or boiler staging by improving plant ΔT

Planner/Consultant Benefits

  • Achieve coil performance that follows the calculated design flow rates exactly
  • Benchmarking installed coil efficiency characteristic (power curve and Delta T curve)
  • Compare installed benchmark to coil manufacturer’s performance data to identify installation anomalies such as piping problems or clogged coils, etc.

Control Contractor Benefits

  • Sizing and selection is simplified valve sizing and selection, no Cv calculations required
  • The valve provides data to the BAS that enables continuous commissioning of coils which enables customized control strategies. Use diagnostics to achieve Green design criteria and constant commissioning requirements. The Energy Valve™ package will offer a tremendous value to building owners and operators.

Installation Benefits

Compact foot print requires only 5x straight pipe run leading to the flow meter section

Commissioning Agent/Balancer Benefits

  • The Energy Valve™ provides the rated flow, Initial coil baseline efficiency data and installed coil efficiency data. This data can be used by the Commissioning Agent and Balancer to ensure that every coil is performing at its optimum BTUH output and Delta T.
  • Compare installed benchmark to future coil performance to identify; fouling, external dirt and fin degradation
  • Document installed benchmark and subsequent coil performance data to meet green designs and continuous commissioning M&V criteria

Owner Benefits

The Energy Valve™ offers better comfort, less maintenance costs and valuable coil performance data. The system saves energy costs by reducing the power consumption of pumps and chilled water plants by optimizing coil operation. The Energy Valve™ provides coil performance data that will allow continuous re-commissioning of the coil over its lifetime.