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Video Gallery
Azienda & Manifestazioni (presentazione aziendale, premi, manifestazioni ecc.)

CESIM – Creating customer value

Belimo a MCE 2018

Direct Revit export out of the VDI Selector

BIM: How to use the Belimo Plug-in

Belimo Instalacje 2016

Belimo Logistics Expansion
Hinwil, Switzerland

Belimo a MCE 2016

Belimo celebrates 40th anniversary

Belimo is uitgeroepen tot beste
bedrijf in de Branche "Meet en
Regeltechniek" 2014

BELIMO a Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2014

Concours de l'Innovation Interclima 2013

Belimo ISH 2013: Experience Efficiency

Belimo Product Presentation

BELIMO Impressions

Soluzioni Idrauliche (istruzioni di montaggio, referenze, presentazione prodotti ecc.)

Mounting & wiring: IP66/67 with Belimo PR, PM, PK actuators

Why choose the Belimo PIFLV?

Multifunctional Belimo Energy Valve™ - Transparent energy monitoring with the Belimo Cloud

Confronto: Valvole a sfera vs. Valvole a corsa breve

La nuova generazione di valvole a farfalla ed attuatori Belimo

Butterfly Valve Assembly with PR Actuator

Auxiliary Switch Settings for PR Actuator

Perché scegliere la Belimo Quick Compact Valve (QCV)?

Pressure Independent Zone Valve PIQCV

Belimo on REHVA World Congress CLIMA 2016

Why choose the Belimo Energy Valve™?

Belimo Energy Valve™ Report: CHALLENGER - Headquarters of Bouygues Construction

Why choose the Belimo Quick Compact Valve (QCV)?

Badania Belimo Energy Valve w MIT

Quick Compact Valve (QCV) - Mounting the actuator

Quick Compact Valve (QCV) - Setting the kvs value

Belimo Americas Lab Tour

Belimo - Pressure Independent Zone Valve PIQCV
Soluzioni aerauliche (istruzioni di montaggio, referenze, presentazione prodotti ecc.)

Belimo - Fire protection scenarios

Belimo: New range of fire damper actuators BFL and BFN

Belimo VAV-Compact NFC. Another step forward.

Why choose the Belimo Fan Optimiser?

Belimo CM..D: Actuators with damper blade

Belimo Fan Optimiser

Belimo: Advantages of motorised fire dampers

Seamlessly integrated. The new
sensor range from Belimo.

Sensor Installation
22DT.. Range of Sensors

Belimo Retrofit Hubantriebe. Passend auf Ihre Ventile.

BELIMO NG Globe Valve Actuators - Mounting NV Coupling

Belimo retrofit globe valve actuators. Suitable for your valves.
Vorstellung Belimo-Lehrstellen (Arbeitsplatz Hinwil)

Vorstellung Belimo-Lehrstellen: Übersicht

Vorstellung Belimo-Lehrstellen: Polymechaniker

Vorstellung Belimo-Lehrstellen: Logistiker

Vorstellung Belimo-Lehrstellen: KV

Vorstellung Belimo-Lehrstellen: Konstrukteur

Vorstellung Belimo-Lehrstellen: Informatiker

Vorstellung Belimo-Lehrstellen: Elektroniker
Altri temi interessanti

Erstes energieautarkes Mehrfamilienhaus in Brütten, ZH (Schweiz)

Belimo Americas Lab Tour

New Generation Globe Valve Actuators and Retrofit Linkages

MIT Research on the Belimo Energy Valve

08 Dr. Jacques Sanche