Not every valve is a problem-solver, but the Belimo Energy Valve is.

When water coils do not operate efficiently, energy intensive components like chillers, boilers and system pumps consume more energy than they should.

Unfortunately, most owners do not know when coils are operating inefficiently or the impact this has on system wide efficiency.

The Energy Valve not only keeps owners and/or operators informed on coil performance, it has the Belimo Delta T Manager™ built-in that helps operators analyze and fine tune performance under any and all conditions. The valve communicates directly with the Building Automation System (BAS) so operators can continuously:

  • Analyze the installed power efficiency of each and every coil.
  • Document and create history reports on coil performance.
  • Optimize performance using advanced algorithms.

At the same time, the Energy Valve provides the same reliable, automatic, pressure independent flow control for which Belimo is famous!