Marriott Hotel (Al Jaddaf), Dubai / UAE

The Marriott Hotel chain opened its hotel experience on January 15th 2014 in Dubai, UAE. With its brilliant design and perfect location in Al Jaddaf, this 5-star hotel has an abundance of thoughtful amenities. These include fully automated luxury guest rooms and suite accommodation that encourages relaxation, with luxury bedding, marble bathrooms, high-speed Internet and flat-screen TVs, also providing views of the Dubai skyline. The hotel offers 352 luxury guest rooms and 128 hotel apartments. The Belimo products could be efficient implemented and enable a sustainable and maintaince-free system.

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Institute of Forestry, Skopje / Macedonia

The Belimo products “Energy Valve” and the room controller “CR24-B1” were the protagonists of a Macedonian pilot project in Skopje for the determination of the energy efficiency of buildings. The experimental set-up at the Institute of Forestry was able to demonstrate that, with the implementation of meaningful renovation measures, the consumption of primary energy could be reduced by 20 percent by the year 2020 in comparison with the expectations projected for 2007 — as outlined by the 2012/27/EU Directive. Thanks to the Belimo Energy Valve™ also the current energy consumption values and the optimisation potential of the system are known at all times.

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Challenger (Bouygues Construction Headquarters), Guyancourt / France

The Challenger site in the Parisian suburb of Guyancourt is to date unique in the world with respect to sustainable building renovation. In 2014, the French construction group Bouygues will have renovated all of its headquarter buildings, which was built in 1988 and has a total area of 67,000 m², in accordance with the most stringent of environmental and energy efficiencyspecifications The consumption of primary energy and water will be reduced thereby to 10% and 40%, respectively, of their original values.

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Hospital Ludmillenstift, Meppen / Germany

The Ludmillenstift hospital in Meppen/Germany is renowned well beyond the local area for its standard of medical care, state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic technology and its pleasant atmosphere. However, a large number of modernisations over the years, in the form of extensions or modifications, resulted in problems in the hospital’s hydraulic distributor circuits. These have finally been rectified through the use of Belimo Energy Valve™.

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White Papers

Improving Campus Chilled Water Systems With Intelligent Control Valves: A Field Study

The degradation of the temperature difference between supply and return flo, known as ΔT degradation, in chilled water systems has been widely observed and documented over the last 25 years. High pumping energy consumption as well as reduced efficienc of the chillers operating under part-load conditions, lead to a decrease of overall system efficiencyof chilled water plants. This article describes a fieldstudy conducted on two university campuses in Massachusetts and Colorado during the cooling season of 2011. The purpose of this experimental study was to alleviate ΔT degradation problems on both campuses through the use of intelligent pressure-independent control valves, and to quantify the improvements achieved. The MA field esults revealed that the intelligent control valves when coupled with a ΔT management strategy have allowed the campus to serve additional cooling load on its campus with the same distribution and central plant system.

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