Not every valve is a problem-solver, but the Belimo Energy Valve is.

  • Measures Energy The integrated BTU meter provides accurate coil performance. The data is used to verify system performance during comissioning and act as a baseline standard for system performance over time. This feature contributes to LEED points.
  • Controls Power The Energy Valve’s built-in Power Control logic provides a linear heat transfer regardless of system temperature variations offering precise energy control. This mode improves comfort and allows for load shedding.
  • Manages Delta T The Energy Valve solves Low Delta T Syndrome. It reduces pumping costs while increasing chiller/boiler efficiency by optimizing the heat transfer of the coil.

The Energy Valve is a two-way pressure independent valve that optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance. Using the Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (ePIV) platform, the Energy Valve measures the coil energy using an embedded electromagnetic flow sensor, water supply, and return temperature sensors. The Energy Valve is ideal for water-side control of heating and cooling systems for AHUs and any water coil (equal percentage: heating/cooling application).